Raleigh Neck Pain Relief – Shoulder Exercises

Video Transcription:

Hi, this is Dr. Lindsay Mumma with a quick serratus anterior exercise. Serratus anterior is one of the muscles that is used to hold down your shoulder blade or your scapula, and it’s really vital in maintaining shoulder stability and really being able to use your arm to full function.

So a really great exercise is to lay directly on your shoulder, not on your back twisted, but right on your shoulder. You can use a pillow underneath your head if you feel that need to. What you’re going to do is push your elbow into the table and push yourself up. You’re not bringing moving your head up or crunching sort of this way. What you’re really doing is coming up in this direction as if you’re reaching for something.

The key here is that you’re pushing your elbow into the table, which is going to start to activate your serratus anterior, and then you’re bringing your whole body with it. So not picking the head up or doing essentially a side-crunch, but really coming forward and reaching.

This is actually how babies kind of learn to reach for their toys and get really great movement. It’s something you can be doing to increase stability in your serratus anterior and kind of take some tension off of your rotator cuff muscles and stabilizing your shoulder.

Struggling with neck pain?  We can help you find relief.

Dr. Mumma is a chiropractor in Raleigh, NC.  If you are suffering from neck pain, please get in touch with us so we can help you find relief.  You can contact us here for a confidential consultation.

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