We’re Moving! New Location!

For five years, 6060A Six Forks Road has been the home of TriangleCRC.  It’s been great, but as my practice has grown and as BIRTHFIT NC has taken off, I need a bit more space!

We’re moving next month, and I will begin seeing patients and conducting BIRTHFIT classes in the new facility the week after Easter, starting Tuesday, April 18th.  I chose that time period on purpose so it’s easy for you to remember!  If you are coming in for an appointment after Easter, you’ll need to come to the new facility.  Don’t worry, your email reminders will reflect the change so you won’t forget.

So for clarity, after Easter, my new office will be located at

4817 Hargrove Rd Suite 105

Raleigh, NC 27616

I’m so excited for this new expansion.  Of course your care will remain as top-notch as you’re used to; but you can expect some more offerings for BIRTHFIT NC in this new location, and I’m working on bringing a few more providers into the space as well!

And while the convenience of Six Forks is great, the traffic on Six Forks has not always been so great.  This new space is easily accessible but with hopefully less back-up in traffic.  Win-win!

For those of you not relying on GPS, the new space is East of my current office; past Falls of Neuse but before Capital if traveling on Spring Forest or Millbrook.  Hargrove is after Departure and before Green.  If you leave my current office and head East, you’ll pass Falls, pass Departure, and turn right onto Hargrove, and then right into the parking lot.

Looking forward to seeing you there!  Thank you for your continued trust in care you receive here. – Dr. Mumma

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