Functional Rehabilitation Exercises

Functional rehabilitation is an extended and more advanced version of physical therapy. Functional rehabilitation can be a great second step after physical therapy, or it can help patients who may have minor injuries that never required physical therapy, but need rehabilitation to return to normal functioning. This type of rehabilitation is designed to progress the patient from simpler more manageable exercises to more complicated and more strenuous exercises that help strengthen the bodies weaknesses and help you return to full range of motion and strength. Adjustments are applied in-office by Dr. Mumma, but patients can help themselves by participating in various rehabilitation exercises at home, and these exercises can help with everything from low back pain to migraines!

What Does This Mean for You?

These functional exercises empower patients to become responsible for their pain/dysfunction, thus obtaining quicker results in fewer treatments than a traditional chiropractor. Detailed instructions and scheduling is provided to help patients develop a good routine for their functional exercises while at home. Dr. Mumma has found that patients who participate in their care more than by just showing up at their appointments tend to have better outcomes and more satisfaction in their care.

What Will You Need?

Because of the nature of rehabilitation exercises, most of the exercises prescribed require minimal equipment. Body weight and light weight/multiple repetition exercises are used as the patient progresses through the program.This form of rehabilitation allows for flexibility in terms of where and when the exercises can be performed. This means all it will take is your time, efforts, and dedication. These are things that you control; you are in control of your own well-being! Your own discipline and focus on your rehabilitation exercises will help determine the success of your improvement.

Chiropractic Care

Triangle Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center is the premium provider of chiropractic health care in the triangle area. Dr. Mumma wants to empower you. She will guide you and apply her expertise, but you will participate in your own well-being. Triangle CRC is more than your average rehab and chiropractic center, we provide a vast array of specialty treatments. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at 919-792-8682, or by using our online form!


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