Classes Offered

Dr. Mumma is passionate about helping families achieve the birth that they desire, and in remaining active throughout pregnancy and postpartum.  She is a Regional Director for the organization BIRTHFIT, and teaches BIRTHFIT courses throughout the year in order to pass valuable information onto patients and other families in the Raleigh area to help them prepare for childbirth, remain active throughout pregnancy, and safely return to physical activity afterward.

Current courses offered include:

BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series – This is a four week class that meets weekly for three hours. The classes cover everything that a couple needs in order to prepare for labor, childbirth, and breastfeeding.  These classes use the four pillars of BIRTHFIT – fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, and mindset – to educate parents for their best birth!

BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series – This is a four week class that will meet twice per week for an hour per class. We work on functional movements – mostly bodyweight, but also weighted; share birth stories/journeys; heal visible and invisible scars from birth; and return to working out feeling stronger and empowered. The courses are geared towards women who are 2 weeks-6 months postpartum, but is appropriate for any mother who is looking to improve herself and her health through movement and community.

BIRTHFIT NC has multiple coaches who run classes, including ongoing BIRTHFIT Prenatal Training, continued Postpartum Training, and individual Personal Training.  BIRTHFIT Prenatal Training meets multiple times per week so that moms can connect with each other during their pregnancies to workout while under the guidance of a BIRTHFIT Coach.  There are also group Postpartum Training classes that meet after each BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series concludes so that women can continue training and healing their bodies in an intentional way after giving birth.

BIRTHFIT Basics Workshop – This is a four hour workshop that lives up to its name: we cover the basics!  Designed for women in any stage of pregnancy, this course touches on all four pillars of BIRTHFIT: fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, and mindset.  While designed for the pregnant woman in any stage of her pregnancy, this class is also suitable for those in the preconception period, as well as coaches, trainers, doulas, or any health practitioner who works with pregnant women and wants to have a better understanding of how the pregnant woman moves.

There is also a monthly FREE Postpartum Support Group with Samantha McClellan from The Labor Ladies.  Every second Saturday from 10am-12pm, the group meets informally to facilitate connection and support for parents in the postpartum time period.  No registration necessary – join as you are able!

To keep up with all of the classes and events happening, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Dr. Mumma has also published books regarding her second pregnancy and immediate postpartum period through BIRTHFIT.  Buy your copies here or in the office!

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