Online Stores for Supplements

We prefer to give our patients access to high quality supplements and products without having to stock our shelves with them, thereby eliminating waste, unnecessary spending, and ensuring the freshest products get to you!

We keep a few products and supplements in-office, but for easy re-ordering or checking out new products, use the links below:

Order from Wellevate via Dr. Mumma and from Dr. Smith

Order from Natural Partners through Dr. Mumma and use code “TriangleCRC” or through Dr. Smith and use code “mackenziesmithtricrc”.

This link is direct, but you can enter “TriangleChiro” at checkout for a discount (and the owners are huge BIRTHFIT supporters! One of them is a Regional Director):

Standard Process: Please note: in order to order from this store, you will need a code that we cannot post publicly. Please email us in order to receive your code! 

These are not supplements, but if you want to get yourself some safe skincare products and cosmetics from Beautycounter, here’s a link for you!

And while you’re here, Dr. Mumma has several videos and books available for purchase as well, and those are all available here!

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