Neutral Shoe Recommendations

I just updated this list because I had a few new recommendations to include.

I find myself giving shoe recommendations quite a lot, so I wanted to write these out so they’re easily shareable!  Here are shoes (and companies) that I love and recommend.  (They are coincidentally the shoes that my family wears.)

Xero Shoes – There are so many great options here – my favorite is the Jessie sandal (and I get lots of compliments when I wear them!). And don’t be afraid to go hiking in these, either! (They’re also great across the slackline.) If you get the Vienna boot, I’d recommend sizing up.

Soft Star Shoes – I have these shoes for both boys, and my husband and I both have multiple pairs.  They last FOREVER, are incredibly durable, and handmade.

Vibrams – Five Fingers are the shoes I typically work out in. These ones specifically are my favorites, which is saying a lot because I’ve owned a lot of Five Fingers since I started wearing them in 2009.  Fun fact: I got married in a pair of white Five Fingers.

Vivobarefoot – Eldon and I both have a pair of these.  They’re easy to slip on and occasionally I work out in them.

Altras – These have a lot of cushion, which is nice if you’re transitioning from a super supportive shoe to more neutral.  They have a really wide toe box, which is excellent.  I don’t have a pair, but my mother in-law swears by these.

Strike Movement – I love my Chill Pill Mids and so does my husband.  These are definitely the most rigid shoes I own, so they can be a nice transition if you’re not used to completely minimalist.  But because I am used to minimalist wear, these only come out every once in a while.  This company is a huge supporter of BIRTHFIT and they have a great mission!

Stonz – Both boys love their rain boots from Stonz.  They have liners that make them appropriate for snow, but we don’t use those much here. 😉

Lems – I don’t actually own a pair of these, but several patients do, and they’re a great neutral shoe that can also be worn for a more professional look.

Feel Grounds – These are a favorite of Dr. Mackenzie’s!

I won’t say that I specifically *recommend* Nike Frees, but if you’re going for a “regular” tennis shoe, these would be higher on my list.

You’ll notice that none of these shoes offer a lot of support.  The necessity for your feet (which comprise 33 joints each and therefore need freedom for mobility) to be supported by anything additional seems a little unnecessary to me, given that they’re situated in a way to support your skeletal structures.

Hopefully you can find something that suits your taste and supports your body’s design!

(And don’t forget to grab yourself a pair of Correct Toes to support this change to neutral footwear while you’re in the office!)

To happy feet! – Dr. Mumma

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