Neutral Shoe Recommendations

I find myself giving shoe recommendations quite a lot, so I wanted to write these out so they’re easily shareable!  Here are shoes (and companies) that I love and recommend.  (They are coincidentally the shoes that my family wears.)

Soft Star Shoes – I have these shoes for both boys, and my husband and I both have multiple pairs.  They last FOREVER, are incredibly durable, and handmade.

Strike Movement – I love my Chill Pill Mids and so does my husband.  This company is a huge supporter of BIRTHFIT and they have a great mission!

Vibrams – The Five Fingers are the shoes I typically work out in.

Vivobarefoot – Eldon and I both have a pair of these.  They’re easy to slip on and occasionally I work out in them.

Stonz – Both boys love their rain boots from Stonz.  They have liners that make them appropriate for snow, but we don’t use those much here. 😉

Xero Shoes – There are so many great options here – my favorite is the Jessie sandal (and I get lots of compliments when I wear them!).

Lems – I don’t actually own a pair of these, but several patients do, and they’re a great neutral shoe.

You’ll notice that none of these shoes offer a lot of support.  The necessity for your feet (which comprise 33 joints each and therefore need freedom for mobility) to be supported by anything additional seems a little unnecessary to me, given that they’re situated in a way to support your skeletal structures.

Hopefully you can find something that suits your taste and supports your body’s design!

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