My Correct Toes Journey, Part 2!

It’s been almost an entire YEAR since the last post on my Correct Toes journey. A lot has changed in the past year; some of it has been great, and some of it hasn’t.

My Morton’s Neuroma is still very much present. If I am not careful about the shoes I’m wearing (look at Dr. Mumma’s previous Blog Post on shoe recommendations, there are a bunch of great ones on there!), my foot will flare up very quickly. Putting pressure on my forefoot these days can sometimes be unbearable; I may be limping until it calms down. Correct Toes always help after this, but they don’t immediately fix the problem.

There are a lot of components that need to be addressed on my (or anyone’s) journey to functional foot health. Correct Toes are a great tool, but not the sole (no pun intended!) tool in our toolbox.

In my opinion these are the tools almost everyone needs on their journey to ideal foot health:

-Correct Toes

-Regular foot mobilization and manipulation- a fancy way of saying someone needs to be working on your feet to make sure they are moving as intended (remember how over 1/4 of all of the bones in our body are located below the ankle?)

– Flexible and mobile shoes- shoes that are widest at the toe-box, and allow you to feel the ground beneath you

-Placing a lot of intention and focus on how gait affects your symptoms while walking and running

All of these tools take time and consistency.

Correct Toes are a great tool, but they can’t fix everything. Flexible and wide shoes, consistent treatment on my feet from Dr. Mumma, and focusing intently on my gait while walking and running have also played a huge role in my personal journey towards functional foot health.

It’s the necessity of consistency with all of these factors that will be the most beneficial. And that is where I have some room for growth.

Any questions about your feet specifically? Ask us on Instagram @trianglecrc!

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To your foot health!

-Dr. Mackenzie




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