Autoimmune Update

Sorry for the zoomed in face shot, but I’m trying to show my swollen right upper lip, and this was a better picture to share than a picture of an ulcer.  My mouth is actually pretty uncomfortable, but I really appreciate learning new information, so I’m kind of thankful for my slightly swollen pout at the moment.

If you read my blog a few months ago (or caught it when I reshared it on BIRTHFIT’s page) regarding my newly diagnosed autoimmune conditions, then you’ll remember that I was to follow-up on a few tests to monitor progress.


I’ve been feeling really great, so I was expecting improved results, but was honestly surprised by how much improvement there was in a relatively short period of time. According to my test results in May, I no longer have any paracellular intestinal permeability (leaky gut) NOR do I have any HPA axis dysfunction!  This is as a result of a therapeutic diet, some changes in supplementation, and a handful of lifestyle changes.  

I am still healing my body and I am still following a healing diet.  The swollen right upper lip is from the small ulcer that’s on the inside of my lip.  The sore is due to the tomato I tried reintroducing into my diet last week.  Yes, as healthy as tomatoes can be, nightshades can also be detrimental to certain people.  Apparently I’m one of them.

Oral ulcers used to be a fairly common thing for me, but since following the Autoimmune Protocol diet, they have stopped popping up.  These are different than canker sores; when I’ve had canker sores, they disappear after a few days and heal fairly quickly.  These ulcers stick around for about a week or so and are not impacted by any remedies that I’ve found (I’m all ears if you have an idea).  It’s making drinking my LaCroix from a can pretty uncomfortable!  

But because I am introducing foods slowly into my diet and monitoring for symptoms, I have noticed this ulcer in conjunction with eating a tomato.  The ulcer isn’t awesome, but that feedback is.  I really don’t mind life without tomatoes any more than I mind life without gluten or dairy, and I’ve been doing that for about 5 years.  I am committed to living in my best health possible, and would much rather respect my physical body’s current boundaries than test them and suffer the consequences.  


Besides, with the healed gut lining and HPA axis function, I am able to increase my workouts, drink regular coffee (CAFFEINE!), and can even have small amounts of dark chocolate again.  As with the first blog I posted about this, I share this update in the hopes that maybe someone might understand that ignoring symptoms won’t get you anywhere; autoimmunity doesn’t have to destroy your life; and you can actually combat the symptoms of autoimmune conditions by changing the way you eat, move, and think.  


Lindsay Mumma, DC




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