Attention Coaches and Chiropractors!

I’m so proud to be hosting two of the BIRTHFIT Seminars this year:

  • the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar is August 12-13 (8am-6pm both days)
  • the BIRTHFIT Professional Seminar is October 14-15 (8am-6pm both days)
  • the VOILA Method Course is November 4-5 (9am-5pm both days)

You can register for either of the BIRTHFIT courses here and for the VOILA Method course here.


A little more about each course:

The BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar is a strength and conditioning seminar for those who work with pregnant and postpartum athletes. This is for coaches, personal trainers, and anyone who works with women in the fitness world.

The BIRTHFIT Professional seminar is for doctors of chiropractic, doctors of physical therapy, doulas, midwives, acupuncturists, and more. This is for any therapist and/or professional that specializes in women’s health.

We will cover functional anatomy and physiology as it relates to the pregnant and postpartum woman, common presentations and recommendations for you as a practitioner, and how to integrate this work and the four pillars of BIRTHFIT into your practice and lifestyle.

Every practitioner who sees pregnant and/or postpartum women should take this course!

The VOILA Method of structural joint balancing is appropriate for hands-on manual therapist of all types.  In this course, practitioners learn to assess, correct, and sync the whole body, creating symmetry of the skeletal keystones to create stability and mobility, eliminate pain and reduce injuries while restoring the body’s ability to heal itself and achieve optimal performance.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of these amazing upcoming courses! ( As of this posting on 6/22/17, the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar is already halfway sold out!)

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